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Good Morning, From Charlotte

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend & a wonderful meal with your loved ones…
I’m technically posting this in the afternoon, now, but that’s beside the point. This is the lovely view I woke up to today and I’m filled with gratitude.


I remember when Mondays used to be a drag for me, when I was caught in the monotony of the typical 9-5. I remember that I couldn’t even fully enjoy my Sunday nights, because I was too busy dreading the work week up ahead.
This morning, though, while many of you are returning to work after a long weekend, I’m enjoying my day off in North Carolina. The weather is similar to to back home in San Diego. The sky is clear & it’s sunny. I enjoyed a lovely breakfast on the balcony after a good night’s sleep in one of the most comfortable beds ever.
I flew to Charlotte yesterday evening after working 3 legs and completing a 4 day trip. After spending my holiday back home in California with my family (on a layover “working” – that’s right, I actually got paid to eat my mom’s cooking), I had a busy weekend with full flights. I wanted to enjoy my day off with a friend, so, I listed myself on a flight to CLT.
After a nice dinner and a funny movie, I was exhausted & needed my rest. Today, I’m refreshed and grateful for my life. After breakfast, I played a little pool, watched some TV and I enjoyed some tea, along with the view…

I just wanted to share this with you all. It’s a testimony of how much my life has changed since becoming a flight attendant… It’s simple & yet significant… Because now, I love Mondays… I actually love everyday!
Hope you all have a wonderful week, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing…