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Mums In The OC – Stepbrothers at The Observatory

It’s no secret that I love Evidence…I guess you can say it’s pretty evident. ūüėČ So, when I saw that he had a show in Southern California with genius producer & fellow rapper The Alchemist (who also shares my birthday) when I’d be in town, I reached out about attending the show & covering it on the blog (again).
I had some time off this past weekend & really wanted to make the most of it…I planned on being in San Francisco for a baby shower on Saturday for one of my dearest friends. So, I squeezed in as much family, friend & fun time as I could in 4 days.
I flew to San Diego to spend time with my family before heading to Nor Cal. It all worked out great, too. I had originally planned on taking my bestie & her husband to the Stepbrothers show at The Observatory in Orange County, but our schedules didn’t allow for that. My mom “jokingly” asked if I’d take her instead…I thought it was a great idea! I checked the website & once I saw that it was an all ages event, I invited my little (13yr old) sister, too! This should be fun…hip hop with my mom & the lil’ sis…!
When I’m going to a show, I like to bump the artist’s music. It gets me in the mood for what’s to come. So, the soundtrack for the drive from San Diego to Orange County is, of course, Lord Steppington. I promise my mom & sister that I’ll have them at the venue by the time the album is over…& I keep my word. We pull up listening to Bally Shoe, the last track on the playlist. Once we’ve parked, we walk through the rain to the box office. As promised, my name’s on the list. Thanks, Ev… I “drove too far to hear they closed the guest list.” Ha!
When we get inside, we’re a little late… We’ve missed Bambu‘s & Fashawn‘s sets. I’m pretty bummed, but what can I do? At this point, I’m just excited to be there in time to catch the closing act.
I lead my mom & sister through the crowd, as I keep looking back to check on them. I remember hearing my mom say, “It looks like the Eminem movie in here.” Lol. We find a place near the stage, with a great view….and just in time, too. Evidence & Alchemist hit the stage with Just Step, a very playful & fun track from the album… With lyrics like “Rawr Rawr like a dragon dungeon. Change your shitty drawers cuz your pants got dumped in.” The guys are energetic & they have the crowd enthralled as they “spit each word meticulous…” They set the perfect tone for the night.
Being from Southern California, they are literally at home on stage. I heard the guys mention in an interview that they would utilize their European tour as a “survey” or “case study” to “watch the crowd” and see what works… & even though I didn’t think it was possible, they have absolutely perfected their set since I saw them at the opening of the tour in Amsterdam in January! Their connection to each other, to the music, and to the crowd is undeniable.
The audience sings along as the guys perform tracks from their debut collaborative album, some Dilated Peoples hits, and of course, solo classics. My mom & little sister are enjoying the show. My mom is especially ecstatic when Ev performs her personal favorite, You, the banger produced by the legendary DJ Premier on Ev’s Rhymesayers debut, Cats & Dogs. Mum’s got good taste. ūüėČ
The show goes on to be a real crowd-pleaser. Everyone is cheering, hands are in the air…& when the guys say goodnight, per crowd request, they return the the stage for an encore. They close the show with the intro track from Lord Steppington, More Wins…and I must say, this show was definitely “another victory” for all in attendance. Bravo, gentlemen. Well done!

You can get upcoming show info, purchase tickets and buy the album here!















After the show, Evidence stuck around to sign autographs, take pictures & connect with the fans. He didn’t leave until the venue was cleared. I even caught a quick pic with Fashawn. As you all know, I have nothing but love & respect for such humble artists.

One of my favorite things about shows like this, is the community…other fans, followers, hip hop heads who love the music & support the movement…my fellow travelers who catch shows in a city near them, or better yet, chase the tour!






Special thanks to Mr. Michael Perretta for allowing me & my family access to this amazing show.

Special thanks Reina Salcedo for assistance with photography

Step Brothers

So, other than traveling & seeing the world, something I’ve always loved and wanted in my life, is music. Music feeds my soul & makes me happy. It was my first love, it will always be a passion of mine.
Because I love all genres of music, it’s always been a dream of mine to take a year off and attend every major music festival. That’s definitely something I know I’ll do in my lifetime…& now, being a flight attendant, that goal actually seems attainable.
While I was in Amsterdam – the trip I mentioned in my last (initial) post – I actually had the opportunity to attend the Rap Mayhem Tour, starring Step Brothers, Evidence & Alchemist, as they celebrated the release of their long-awaited, highly-anticipated album Lord Steppington.
I’m standing at the front of the stage, watching two fellow Californians rock the eclectic crowd of fans from all over the world, & I’m in my happy place. I notice the playfulness, camaraderie and authenticity between the guys as they perform. They’re truly at home on stage & the fans can feel it. As they go through many of their classics, the crowd joins in, lyric-for-lyric and as they share (soon to be) hits from the new album, heads are bobbing & hands are in the air. There’s a profound feeling of unity flowing through the Melkweg (the concert venue) and everyone is enthralled in the music.
As the concert comes to an end, the guys stick around on stage for a bit to shake hands & show their gratitude to those in attendance. This is an admirable quality among artists.
Shortly after experiencing the amazing performance, I purchased the album & I’ve had it on repeat since. The intricate beats & thought-provoking lyrics keep me going back for more. If you haven’t already, buy the album here, you’ll also find upcoming show information. I’d highly recommend any upcoming events from these two masterful performers.

Thanks for checking me out, everyone!


20140314-164003.jpgThis is Jo, fellow Dilated Peoples/Evidence/Step Brothers/Hip Hop fan. He actually got pulled up on stage by Evidence to perform Mr. Slow Flow! He killed it. I later found out that it wasn’t his first time on stage with Ev. Lucky guy. Loyal fan. He’s also a great photographer…check him out here.

20140222-012838.jpgMy dear friend, Guille. She flew all the way from San Francisco, California to join me at the show. She also assisted me with snapping some great pics!






Special thanks to Guille Hernandez for assistance with photos