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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

April 9, 2013, exactly one year ago today, I was in Phoenix, Arizona, interviewing to become a flight attendant for a major airline. It was one of the most exciting days of my life…
It’s 4am when my alarm goes off. When I was working at the bank, the buzzing was always such a dreadful sound…& my mornings would typically consist of a long battle with the snooze button, but not today. Today, I’m excited…before I can even think about hitting that snooze, I jump outta bed & say, “This is it! This is my life. I am a flight attendant. I wake up before the sun comes up, because I have a plane to catch!”
*I learned this technique of “living into the future,” from my work with the Landmark.
I get ready & dress myself in a skirt, a nice fitted peplum blazer (camisole underneath) & some black pumps…I am a flight attendant, after all. ūüėČ I already have my (carry-on sized) bag packed with all the required items, so, I grab it, and I’m out the door. I’m driving to the airport now…just a typical day for this flight attendant.
I walk through the terminal, looking around at all my fellow airline crew members. When I go through security, I use my passport for ID, because I’m an International Flight Attendant! I board the plane, and I’m off…just another day at work.

I took this picture in-flight on my way from San Diego to Phoenix & posted it on Instagram exactly one year ago today. This is now “the view from my office!”

When I arrive in Phoenix, a shuttle picks us (other recruits) up from the airport to take us to the interview site. It’s a day full of assessments, activities & interviews. We work in groups, one-on-one & there’s even some down time. After about 8 hours of proving ourselves, and, of course, getting to know each other, the ones who make the final cut are surrounded by crew members, as they welcome us to the airline.
It’s one of the greatest moments in my life! The room bursts into a celebration of screaming, jumping up & down, and even tears of joy…it’s a beautiful moment. The recruiters ask one favor of us, and one favor only, “Please, always remember how excited you are in this moment and take that with you everyday to work.”
After flying for almost 10 months, & one year after my interview date, I know how fortunate I am to be in this position & to live this amazing life. People say that the sky is the limit…and I get to touch the sky as part of my job! ūüôā

This is my photo on my crew badge (my ID for work) they took this after we signed our HR paperwork…you can see how happy I was…& how happy I still am…

I’m posting this from San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s a beautiful day. I swam in the ocean & danced in the rain. I’m here with a great friend (fellow flight attendant & crew member) & making new ones. I love my life & I love what I do for a living…!

LA Layover

Ok, I’m a California girl through and through…so, getting paid to go home, is one of my favorite things in the world. Today I had the chance to hang out with my best friend, in one of my favorite cities, and it was for work!
I arrived in Los Angeles last night around 9:00pm. Our flight was, of course, star-studded. We had actors, athletes…& even one of my favorite singers on board.
My dear friend agreed to pick me up from the airport. It’s nice to not always have to stay in a hotel when I’m away on a layover. I was really excited to see Samantha. It was her birthday weekend and I missed her official celebration, because I was scheduled to be on duty with the airline.
When I arrive at LAX, we’re in communication & timing is perfect. She pulls up as I’m walking from my gate. As soon as I see her car, I run up to greet her. I startle her and she nearly jumps out of her seat…it’s hilarious…that’s the sort of thing she usually does! Haha. I got her!
The car ride to her house is full of laughter and warm conversation. Samantha and I have been friends for over ten years. We’ve always had a special bond. Over a year ago, she introduced me to the Landmark Forum. I completed the three day seminar, which empowers you to live life powerfully & to live a life you love, in January 2013 and since then, my life has completely transformed. I remind her of the impact she has made in my world (with my self-awareness, my career and even my family) & I thank her. There’s so much love flowing in the car. I’m enjoying every minute of it.
Samantha has a “do whatever makes you happy” kind of attitude. On our way to her house, I know we have to pass Circus Liqour – a recognizable store in North Hollywood that’s been featured in several films. So, I tell her that snapping a quick picture there would definitely make me smile…she pulls over & I get my picture. Simple things in life, you know…? ūüôā


When we get to her place, we take her pup, Puff, out for a walk and we make a stop at Vallarta, a Mexican supermarket. It’s a beautiful night and I’m excited to pick up some of my favorite things….fresh corn chips, ceviche, avocados, salsa, queso fresco, and cucumbers. These make the perfect munchies for our movie night. In honor of our stop at Circus Liqour, Samantha chooses Clueless (the famous neon clown is featured in the scene where Cher is held at gunpoint after being stranded by Elton when leaving the Valley Party…you girls all know what I’m talking about). We both fall asleep before the movie is over. Party animals.
In the morning, we have breakfast & Samantha gets a call for a video shoot. I’m happy to tag along for a behind-the-scenes experience. I’ve gone to work with her before, it’s always fun…& hey, when in LA…
The drive is beautiful, palm trees lining the streets, the sun shining….what more could I want? We drive through the heart of Hollywood & I’m so grateful for such a beautiful Monday. I love Mondays (now) because I love my job & I love my life. I remember there was a time I didn’t feel that way…I’m so glad I’ve gotten to this point. We pass all the beautiful mansions in Beverly Hills & we pick our favorites as we soak in each of the gorgeous structures. (I wish I had taken more pictures).



The video shoot is for the song Waffle House, by Nezzo. Samantha’s role is to eat waffles in a bikini & to be exaggerated and comedic – these are things she’s mastered. I’m having fun watching her exceed their expectations. She’s funny and playful, and she is very comfortable being silly in front of the camera.











When the shoot wraps, the crew thanks her for a job well done. They laugh and tell her they’re very pleased with the footage they’ve captured. It’s been an awesome afternoon.
We spend the evening at Samantha’s house. I take a nap, since I have to work the red-eye back to Philadelphia tonight. We watch another movie, Girl in Progress, get in a quick Zumba workout, and I shower & prepare for my flight, while Samantha prepares a delicious dinner of chicken tacos, all the (fresh) fixings imaginable, and steamed veggies. Yum!
After dinner, Samantha drives me to the airport. On our way there, we have yet another amazing conversation. We’re constantly in inquiry when we’re together & we love to discover new things about ourselves. This time is no different. We each got something for ourselves, just by sharing with each other about what’s going on in our lives & what’s not working as well as we’d like. We find it so beautiful, what unfolds, when you just own who you are, and show up for your life! It was the perfect way to end my visit with her & it has me in good spirits for the late night flight.
The trip back to Philadelphia is super easy. Almost every passenger is sleeping. One passenger, however, keeps visiting the galley…he wants to stretch, and he is very talkative…I gotta admit, he’s definitely made this the most interesting flight in the world


Until next time. Stay thirsty, my friends!

Special Thanks to Samantha Padilla follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Also to Nezzo , James Davis II and the rest of the production crew…and of course, to Jonathan Goldsmith,The most interesting man in the world.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Day 4

We leave today…our flight is at 3:35pm. We had a bit of a rough morning…small price to pay for the night we had. It’s one of those mornings where you wake up & go to sleep…wake up…go back to sleep.
We have a light breakfast & B & I have to pack & get ready to return to Philly. Anabel is staying an extra day. Good for her!
B says she wants to hit the ocean again. I throw on my bikini & she follows suit. We head to the beach & have the most peaceful afternoon there. B teaches me how to jump with the waves before they break – something you’d think this California girl would already have mastered, I know. We venture deep (for me) into the ocean. The water is so warm (Warmer than the temp in Philadelphia).
The water is beautiful & when I take my first big jump, facing the beach, my top comes off…this is the first time I’ve ever “flashed” in public….& it makes me laugh! I feel free…& I almost don’t want to put it back on…this is when I realize that I’m adding something to my life-goals list, going to a nude beach (I will blog about it).
We are just devouring the waves & reveling in the warm water. We’re basking in the sun & watching planes as they come in for landing. We know that we’re about to go from the ocean to the sky, from the beach to the snow.
It’s a beautiful thing, being with B in the water, salvaging the separates of our bikinis as the water attempts to rob them from our bodies. The time is filled with laughter & joy.
Then, we walk back to our hotel, slowly, taking in every bit of the sun. We head to the airport & say our goodbyes see you laters to Anabel.
It really was a great trip. Not only will we back soon, we know we’re going to make so many more trips to other beautiful destinations with Anabel. This is only the beginning…



Special Thanks to Brittany Ward for assistance with photos & edits

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Day 3

Today we decided that we needed to have an adventure day. At breakfast, Anabel told us that she was going to hang around the hotel & nurse her sunburn, but that idea was short-lived. When we called the number on a flyer she had for Yatumba Tours (a $50 all inclusive tour) they told us they’d pick us up in 10 minutes, because the tour was already about to start. We stopped at the room, grabbed some necessities (B’s camera & a water bottle filled with rum) and as B & I were heading out, Anabel decided she would join us. Here’s what unfolded throughout our day:





Eating in Pi√Īones





La Cueva de Maria de la Cruz





I snapped this shot of my beautiful, amazing photographer, Brittany Ward


El Yunque Rainforest – where we explored, rode the waterfall & played in the water…










Luquillo Beach – where we had a delicious lunch at Ceviche Hut, got roses made of palm tree leaves, and had the most beautiful conversation. We really got connected to each other. It was very moving… That’s what life is about!


Mofongo, Ceviche, and Arroz y Habichuelas



Casa Bacardi – The Bacardi Distillery, where we bonded with fellow airline employees from our tour, got complimentary drinks (included in the tour) & had fun dancing & singing.




Yao, our amazing tour guide


After the tour, we headed back to Old San Juan, for some light bites & drinks. We met up with Anabel’s friend, who was in town on the cruise ship he works on. So random, so much fun. Then, B & I made it a late night of drinks & dancing…with our new friends, Luis, who’s a driver in San Juan & Braulio, who we met at a restaurant we had eaten at earlier. These Puerto Rican men are such graceful dancers….they taught us well. There’s something about a man who knows his way around the dance floor. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had that. I loved it. Perfect way to end the night!





Huge special thanks to Brittany Ward for tremendous assistance with photos & edits. Special thanks to Anabel Durham for assistance with photos.