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Grouch & Eligh, The Tortoise & The Crow Tour – Boston and Philadelphia

As I mentioned before in several of my posts, I love music! Being from San Diego, I’m used to always catching great hip hop acts near by. Since I’ve been out in Philadelphia, it hasn’t been quite as easy for me. So, when I saw that two of my favorite California MCs, The Grouch and Eligh, were hitting the road to promote their new album, The Tortoise and The Crow/333, I knew I had to be a part of it!
I noticed that the guys would be hitting the East Coast & I immediately checked the dates to see what worked with my schedule. When I saw that they’d be in Boston during my days off, I made plans to be there. I arranged to stay with my cousin, Jennifer, and I was so excited!
Jennifer had never been to a live hip hop show before, and since she’s originally from California, too, I thought this would be the perfect way to get her feet wet… Two Cali girls, supporting two Cali guys out on the East Coast. Clayton, Jennifer’s roommate – also from CA, decided to join us. You met Jennifer and Clayton in my last post.
When we arrive to The Middle East, we notice that the venue has two levels. There’s a comedy show going on upstairs and the audience is enjoying wonderful menu items. Everything looks & smells fantastic. Too bad we just had dinner…
We make our way downstairs & fall in love with the decor. We take tons of pictures with the cool backdrops.






When the guys hit the stage, we’re enthralled… Their stage presence is captivating. This is my first time ever seeing these West Coast masters rock an East Coast stage…it’s magical. In the crowd, hands are in the air & lyrics are being spit word-for-word. The guys are performing classic G&E hits, notable solo joints, and some of their new stuff. It’s a great show!
















After the performance, the guys stick around to sell merchandise, sign autographs, and to pose for pictures with fans. They have such a personable approach.
I stand back & wait my turn…I’ve been to plenty if their shows & have had the pleasure of meeting the guys on numerous occasions. It’ll be nice to catch up. After the crowd clears, I make my way over to say hi. They’re both sweet & sincere…they take such an interest in me & stories of my travels. I’m proud, because I know that they’ve had their fair-share of seeing the world, too.
It’s pretty cool that these two remarkable human beings – who have created such amazing lives for themselves – are impressed by what I’m up to in life. They’re just as impressed by Jennifer (the Harvard grad)….Their humbleness impresses me even more than their astounding talent. I’m reminded of why I love their music & more importantly, their message.




A couple days later, I head back to Philadelphia to prepare to be on-call for work. It’s pretty cool that my commute to work is on an airplane. I’m listening to the album the entire flight. It’s beautiful looking out the widow, flying through the clouds, listening to their always-inspiring lyrics.
I’m off duty tonight & the guys have a show here in Phillly. They’re nice enough to add my name to their guest list. I bring my friend, Brittany, along. You met her in my first Puerto Rico post.
The crowd is a little smaller at The Barbary, but the enthusiasm is still there. When these guys are on stage, they ignite crowd participation. I’m enjoying every minute of their performance.








After their set, they, again, stick around to sell merch, sign memorabilia, and take pictures. They even continue our conversation about travels. These guys really know what life on the road is all about…it’s great sharing stories. We snap a few pictures & say good night. The guys are off to get their rest. They’ll hit the road in the morning, off to the next city, and next show…

Also touring with guys is DJ Fresh

and Pigeon John




If you get the chance, I urge you to catch these guys on a stage near you! They’re heading back to the West Coast this week…
Get your tickets here.
Buy the album here.

Special Thanks to The Grouch and Eligh for allowing me access to these amazing shows!

Cousins in Cambridge

A couple weeks ago I had a few days off & planned a visit to see my cousin, Jennifer, in Boston. Jennifer is my younger cousin & she’s someone I look up to – which is funny because she might be one of the few people in the world who’s actually shorter than me. Ha!
Anyway, this young lady is the first person in our entire family to ever move to the East Coast. What took a California girl across the county, you ask? Oh, only grad school…at Harvard! How awesome is that? I know…I’m so proud of her.
Jennifer and I have a special bond. We come from a very large family. After almost ten years of not seeing each other, we reconnected when I moved to Philadelphia. I had a Boston layover & she gave me a tour of Harvard’s beautiful campus.
During that first visit, we had a wonderful conversation about where life has brought us & all that we’ve been up to. It was so great to hear (and to witness first-hand) how intelligent & incredible this young woman is. I couldn’t wait to get back and see her.
On my last Boston layover, a few months ago, we met up for a late dinner & enjoyed another stimulating conversation. Again, I was left looking forward to more visits with her.
It’s almost mid-night when I arrive in Boston. I’ve been flying all day. Jennifer is picking me up from the airport, even though she has to work in the morning. She’s so sweet.
When she pulls up, I meet her passenger, friend & temporary roommate, Clayton. Clayton is from California, as well. They attended the same high school. He’s visiting & exploring the east coast to see if it would be a good fit for him.
It’s such a nice drive through the city, as we make our way to Cambridge (the area where Jennifer lives). The neighborhood is adorable. Each house is unique and looks nothing like the others. They’re all different colors and sizes, they each have different a style gate or fence…some have larger yards…you get the picture. I love areas like this. I’ve never been a big fan of track homes.
I get the grand tour of the house. It’s so cute! I adore the hardwood floors, the fun interior design, and the fact that there’s lots of space.
Since it’s late, we all head to bed. I sleep in ’til noon…I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was. Since Jen had to go to work, Clayton and I are gonna hang out today. After a delicious brunch of eggs, veggies, and gluten-free waffles topped with fresh strawberries & homemade whipped cream, I get ready & we head out.
Our plan is to hit the Freedom Trail & take in all the historic sites. We hop on The T (train) and start our exploration day. It’s a little chilly out & despite the guiding red line in the road, we keep getting lost. We stop for tea & continue our attempt at staying on the trail….

The Freedom Trail is marked with either red paint or bricks like in the photo above. This red line is what guides you to all the historic sites.

20140330-235437.jpgThe park where the Boston Common Visitor Information Center is located.


After a while, we make it to the famous Faneuil Hall.
We look around for a bit, then we notice the iconic Cheers Bar up ahead. Of course we have to stop in for a drink. There aren’t many open seats around the bar, so we walk around. I take the first open seat I see, and when I look down, I notice that I snagged the best seat in the house…!


After drinks, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s too late to enjoy what the Freedom Trail has to offer; most of the facilities are closing for the day. So, we head back to meet up with Jennifer, grab some dinner & to get ready for the Grouch & Eligh Tortoise and The Crow show. (More on that in my next post).
We have a hearty homemade dinner at the house. Dinner is accompanied by a delicious Irish whiskey that my thoughtful cousin picked up for us. A little pre-partying is always a good idea…


We have a blast at the show. We dance the night away & get some fun pictures. Then, we make sure to get home responsibly and call Über for a ride.
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The next day is another late start for me. Jen’s at work, Clayton is working from home & I’m just enjoying the down time. My original plan was to leave tonight, but I’ve decided to stay another night.
Clayton and I take a nice walk to have a late lunch at a near-by cafe. He’s gonna finish some work and I’ll attempt to work on the blog. It’s nice to get out on a weekday, & watch all the hustle and bustle in the city.


We meet up with Jennifer in the evening and plan our night. We’re going to the North End for dinner and drinks. We take a little detour to see the beautiful Boston Public Library. This place is immaculate! I’m glad we stopped by.









Our next detour takes us to the mall, where we stock up on goodies from Sephora. Then we’re off to dinner. We have a fun, casual dinner and after the big night we had at the show, we’re all pooped. We head back to the house to get a good night’s sleep…then, I’m of to Philly in the morning.
Another great trip to Boston for the books!

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll share a little more about the show we attended…