About Cecilia Salcedo

After ending a ten year relationship and being let go from her ten year career in banking, Cecilia saw the her options wide open.  Although some people would have looked at this as a time of devastation and failure, Ceci saw it as the perfect time to start over. Hence, the birth of “Starting At 30.”  Since she always dreamed of seeing the world, she decided to take matters into her own hands. It was time to chase her dreams, start a new career & move to a new city. Going from San Diego to Philadelphia was a huge adjustment, but it’s opened so many opportunities for this Mexican-American adventure seeker. In her spare time, you can find her chasing live music shows and meeting people around the world. She loves hearing stories about following one’s passion, especially if they, too, are Starting At 30. Follow her journey here on the blog, on Instagram, & on Twitter: @StartingAt30.

More details in Cecilia’s first blog post: Starting “Starting At 30”

3 thoughts on “About Cecilia Salcedo

  1. Stewart

    Hi Cecilia!
    I started fresh at 35 too! If you want to get a bite to eat, or see some local sights, I’d love to show you around SF. See Stewart Rhoads (Foothill High model) on Facebook, though it’s thin. Too busy living:)!

  2. Kevin

    Just made contact with the nature of your gravity, wow! Must be means other than right- swiping across your atmosphere. Houston, I’m in approach. Standby. Over.


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