420 with Devin the Dude

I started last week absolutely exhausted. I returned to Philadelphia on (Easter) Sunday, April 20, from back-to-back international trips. I worked Barcelona, followed by Madrid (blog posts soon to come) and my love for music wouldn’t allow me to stay in Philly to rest.
As soon as I landed and went through customs, I headed back through security to board a flight to Austin, Texas to catch Devin the Dude at The Historical Scoot Inn . I had the next day off & I had already reached out to Devin about attending the show. I was under the impression that 11pm was his set time. It was perfect, because my flight landed at 9pm…then, I got the update that he’d hit the stage at 8:30. It was too late at that point. I was already on the airplane, ready for take off. I was hopeful that I’d at least catch one song.
The flight was great. I had a wonderful crew…I actually kinda knew one of the girls. We have a few mutual friends. She offered to let me stay in her hotel room, which was awesome, because I hadn’t planned that far ahead yet.
When we landed, I rushed upstairs and changed for the show. I called a cab, while I had a drink with my new friend in “our” room. ūüėČ
I hopped in the cab, took the 3 minute ride to the venue, paid the man & jumped out. I was greeted by Rico, Devin’s manager, only to find out that the show had just wrapped up. (Womp Womp)!
Rico was nice enough to escort me into the Scoot Inn, as he guided me up on stage, where I encountered Devin signing autographs, taking pictures & connecting with his fans. I’m always overcome by joy when I see artists take the time to show love to their supporters. This is why I’m a loyal fan of the Dude!
I waited patiently for my turn & when he had a moment, Devin greeted me with a warm smile & a hug. I got a few words in with him & of course, we snapped a quick pic. After the crowd cleared, I stayed behind, making friends with some of the other performers.
My night out in Austin ended up being a lot of fun. I went out with some of the guys, partied with locals, and talked music all night. It was a blast.
I plan on catching another one of Devin’s upcoming shows soon (and getting there in time for the show)… You can too, by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!




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