San Juan, Puerto Rico – Day 4

We leave today…our flight is at 3:35pm. We had a bit of a rough morning…small price to pay for the night we had. It’s one of those mornings where you wake up & go to sleep…wake up…go back to sleep.
We have a light breakfast & B & I have to pack & get ready to return to Philly. Anabel is staying an extra day. Good for her!
B says she wants to hit the ocean again. I throw on my bikini & she follows suit. We head to the beach & have the most peaceful afternoon there. B teaches me how to jump with the waves before they break – something you’d think this California girl would already have mastered, I know. We venture deep (for me) into the ocean. The water is so warm (Warmer than the temp in Philadelphia).
The water is beautiful & when I take my first big jump, facing the beach, my top comes off…this is the first time I’ve ever “flashed” in public….& it makes me laugh! I feel free…& I almost don’t want to put it back on…this is when I realize that I’m adding something to my life-goals list, going to a nude beach (I will blog about it).
We are just devouring the waves & reveling in the warm water. We’re basking in the sun & watching planes as they come in for landing. We know that we’re about to go from the ocean to the sky, from the beach to the snow.
It’s a beautiful thing, being with B in the water, salvaging the separates of our bikinis as the water attempts to rob them from our bodies. The time is filled with laughter & joy.
Then, we walk back to our hotel, slowly, taking in every bit of the sun. We head to the airport & say our goodbyes see you laters to Anabel.
It really was a great trip. Not only will we back soon, we know we’re going to make so many more trips to other beautiful destinations with Anabel. This is only the beginning…



Special Thanks to Brittany Ward for assistance with photos & edits

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