San Juan, Puerto Rico – Day 2

Something I didn’t mention in my Day 1 post is that our new friend, Anabel, actually knew another flight attendant who was working a flight to San Juan with a long layover. I met Liseth late-night, upon our return from the Jazz festival & we stayed up chatting & getting to know each other. She’s a great gal & she loves flying. She wears her wings with pride.
The four of us made plans to have breakfast together. *Special thanks to the Radisson San Juan, for providing daily breakfast & evening appetizers for airline crew members. At breakfast, we discovered that Brittany & Liseth already knew each other from a flight they worked together previously, so, the happiness just grew as our group did.
We all wanted some quality beach time, so, we spent our morning and afternoon working on our tans on Condado beach. We stocked up on drinks, filled our coolers, lathered up in tanning oil & just relaxed. It was the perfect place to be. There’s something so soothing about the sound of waves crashing & the smell of the salt in the air; makes this California girl feel right at home.


After hours of laying out & playing in the water, we had a late lunch right on the beach (I want to kick myself for not remembering the name of the restaurant. I’ll add it later or in another post. Stay tuned). We ordered the fish tacos, as Brittany recommended. They were delicious!

After lunch, we headed down the main street to our hotel to do a little shopping. We stopped at Nativa, where each of us found some article of clothing for $10 (my red top to come in pics from day 3). The owner there was so sweet & helpful. She loves flight attendants & other visitors. I’d highly recommend this boutique if you’re in town.
After shopping, we went to our rooms to change & get ready for dinner. We met in the Penthouse for complimentary appetizers & set a plan for the evening. We decided to head to Old San Juan for some drinks & to take in the sights of the cobble stone streets & stunning architecture.
Old San Juan is so vibrant, from the colors of the buildings, to the graffiti street art on the walls, to the plants & trees all around. I really wish we had spent the day there…it would have made for some wonderful pictures (especially with the fun dress I wore out). But that’s ok…We had a wonderful night with good food and great conversation. Imagine all the things four women who travel the world could talk about after some drinks on a warm night in Puerto Rico…haha…yeah, we talked about that too…! ūüėČ

Stay tuned for what unfolded on Day 3…








Special Thanks to Brittany Ward and Liseth Mazariego for assistance with photos

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