Step Brothers

So, other than traveling & seeing the world, something I’ve always loved and wanted in my life, is music. Music feeds my soul & makes me happy. It was my first love, it will always be a passion of mine.
Because I love all genres of music, it’s always been a dream of mine to take a year off and attend every major music festival. That’s definitely something I know I’ll do in my lifetime…& now, being a flight attendant, that goal actually seems attainable.
While I was in Amsterdam – the trip I mentioned in my last (initial) post – I actually had the opportunity to attend the Rap Mayhem Tour, starring Step Brothers, Evidence & Alchemist, as they celebrated the release of their long-awaited, highly-anticipated album Lord Steppington.
I’m standing at the front of the stage, watching two fellow Californians rock the eclectic crowd of fans from all over the world, & I’m in my happy place. I notice the playfulness, camaraderie and authenticity between the guys as they perform. They’re truly at home on stage & the fans can feel it. As they go through many of their classics, the crowd joins in, lyric-for-lyric and as they share (soon to be) hits from the new album, heads are bobbing & hands are in the air. There’s a profound feeling of unity flowing through the Melkweg (the concert venue) and everyone is enthralled in the music.
As the concert comes to an end, the guys stick around on stage for a bit to shake hands & show their gratitude to those in attendance. This is an admirable quality among artists.
Shortly after experiencing the amazing performance, I purchased the album & I’ve had it on repeat since. The intricate beats & thought-provoking lyrics keep me going back for more. If you haven’t already, buy the album here, you’ll also find upcoming show information. I’d highly recommend any upcoming events from these two masterful performers.

Thanks for checking me out, everyone!


20140314-164003.jpgThis is Jo, fellow Dilated Peoples/Evidence/Step Brothers/Hip Hop fan. He actually got pulled up on stage by Evidence to perform Mr. Slow Flow! He killed it. I later found out that it wasn’t his first time on stage with Ev. Lucky guy. Loyal fan. He’s also a great photographer…check him out here.

20140222-012838.jpgMy dear friend, Guille. She flew all the way from San Francisco, California to join me at the show. She also assisted me with snapping some great pics!






Special thanks to Guille Hernandez for assistance with photos

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