Starting “Starting at 30”

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to fulfill a life-long dream to travel to Amsterdam. It was surreal.
I’m sitting in this beautiful cafe, drinking fancy tea with two of my girl friends, overlooking the city. Just outside the window, there’s a church, a tall street lamp, people hustling & bustling on the darling cobble stone streets, I can also see a canal & some bridges in the background. It’s raining…maybe more of a drizzle, and the water is creating this gorgeous glistening effect on the streets & buildings & causing the water in the canals to dance. This is when I have what is known as an “Ah ha moment.”
Here’s what I got for myself:
For months people have been asking me to start a blog. You see, I’m a (fairly new) flight attendant for a large airline & I get to travel all over the world. I’ve been resisting writing a blog & sharing my experiences, because I haven’t wanted to show the “not so glamorous” side of flying. I’m 30 years old and I’m starting over…
After a 10 year career in banking, I reached my breaking point. I was unfulfilled & unhappy & I knew I had to make a change… I was finally forced to make that change when I was let go.
I knew at that point, there was no turning back. There was no way I was going to apply to some other bank & end up in a similar position. Not to mention, I’m single, after ending a nearly 10 year relationship with someone who was a childhood friend.
So, I chose to move from America’s Finest City, San Diego, CA – giving up my beautiful apartment, all my furniture, & most of my personal belongings- to The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA, to follow my dreams of traveling the world. Becoming a flight attendant meant relocating to a hub and taking a huge pay cut from the salary I was used to making in the banking world (I was even making more money collecting unemployment) but these were things I was ok giving up, in exchange for access to seeing the world.
Even though I made the choice, I didn’t want to advertise it…so, I’ve been withholding that information from friends & family.
I wondered, “Who would enjoy hearing the story of a 30 year old, single woman who is living on a budget & not enjoying all the fine dining & fancy living that foreign places have to offer?”
Then, it hit me…there, in that little cafe in Amsterdam…there are so many people that my story can touch!
So, this is for all of you who dream of traveling & seeing the world, those of you who want to break free from a 9-5 & routine, those of you who are ready to make a change, those of you who don’t live on an unlimited budget, those of you who might think that it’s too late, & for those of you who just want to follow my fun new journey through life…I really hope you enjoy it…this is me, Starting at 30.

20140222-013133.jpgEnjoying green tea in Amsterdam, when I had the breakthrough to start “Starting At 30.”

20140222-013159.jpgMy beautiful, amazing friends, Valerie & Guille. They traveled all the way from two different parts of California, last minute, to join me on this adventure!

20140222-013326.jpgThe Iconic Canal Pic…

20140222-013358.jpgThe beautifully lit streets of the city…

20140314-193537.jpgwith some of the amazing crew members from our flight…


Photos by Guille Hernandez & Valerie Viramontes. Special thanks to Jo Roth for assistance with photo edits

29 thoughts on “Starting “Starting at 30”

  1. Jennifer Alvarado

    Proud to have you as a friend, you are a wonderful writer, and yes! We want to here about all the places you go- because we’re going with you and sharing your joy! We love you, support you and want you to chase your dreams. Just so we can hear all about ’em!!!! Go!

  2. An Dyer

    This was beautiful, totally tearing up right now!! I’m so excited for you, love! Congrats and I’m SO EXCITED to follow you on this journey!! Love you so much!!

    1. Cecilia Salcedo Post author

      Thank you so much, An! Seriously…I could have never done this without you…you have inspired me beyond measure…I adore you & it cherish out friendship & the connection we have. I love you dearly! Xoxoxo

  3. Blanca

    This is great, I am so happy and exited to read more about your new ventures. Most importantly there’s so many women and men out there that can relate to your new found way of life, starting with me for example. I hope through your blog I’ll continue to know more of that wild free spirit I remember from the good ‘ol CHS days. Hope to catch up with you soon. Xoxo

    1. Cecilia Salcedo Post author

      That’s so awesome! Thanks, Blanca! Yes…I’m excited to be reconnected to my adventurous side & in looking forward to sharing my stories with all of you…thanks for the support!

  4. Rosalva

    CC how I would love to literally be your Shadow right about now!!!! You have done what a lot of people could only dream of doing. You are living your life and taking in all that this world has to offer. I am very proud of you and am living through all your pics you post spiritually ;). Awesome you wrote this blog!!!

    1. Cecilia Salcedo Post author

      Haha! That’s so sweet, shadow! Thanks for this!! I’m really happy that I get to share this with so many people…thanks for the love & support…it means the world to me…I promise to keep sharing!

  5. Emily Ortiz

    My Ceci Star.

    I love that you started this blog, it’s so real and that my love is inspiring. Cheers to all your adventures and starting over in a created life YOU LOVE.

    Xo Emmy

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  8. the down route diaries

    I’ve just spent over the last hour reading through all your posts, I’m 32 and I’m about to start a new career as cabin crew/flight attendant. It is nice to read about somebodies experience of the job at a similar age to me, all the flight attendant bloggers seem to be in their early 20s! X

    1. Cecilia Salcedo Post author

      Thanks so much for reading & for the comment! You’re going to have such an experience up ahead. The lifestyle is something I can’t explain, but it’s been so amazing. I wish you all the best & safe travels!!

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